Sunday, August 28, 2011

A new space!

I have moved into a new space for, as I call it, "the making of creative stuffs". It's wonderful to be in a space that's away from my home, a special space for creating and refining art. I even got to make something for the space - I had to wire a fan and construct a fume hood to extract the wax vapours because of the high placement of the windows in the room. I love that i have this door in the space with the original text (from an old glove factory!), it adds character and just look at that beautiful natural light! It will be even better when the air conditioning is fixed... it's a little warm in there working with heat with a mask on, but I love, love, love it!

Stay tuned for (hopefully) more frequent updates and some photos of what I'm working on in this lovely new studio!

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